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Kinflare web steel buildings that belong to light steel building system are mainly made up of wall panels, floor panels, roof and other building envelopes. The full process is completed by producing various assemble parts at factory and installing on local, which different from the traditional building type.

Special Points of Superiority
 Strong and good earthquake Resistance  Environmental protection
Stabilize structure consumedly satisfy the earthquake proof request of the earthquake areas because of its self light weight and all node conjunctions. At the same time, inside of system arranges structure prevented from pulling ant to resist the hurricane.
The live dry operation determines that the building process does not need the large machine, so the noise, dust, the constructive garbage is very little during the producing, almost free from pollution to the nearby environment.
Save energy and high recovery rate Thermal insulation and economy energy
Adopt semi-processed goods install materials and special conjunction, convenient to dismantle and pack, low exhaust rate and high recovery rate.
Heat conductivity is only 0.24w/m.k, especially in using the high effective materials to improve the thermal insulation function and save energy.
 Strong product compatibility  Wide Application
Compatible with all the common building materials without special treatment
Light self-weight, about 30% of traditional block one, suitable for many different ground, especially the area where geology is poor and earthquake often occurs. At the same time, the basic cost can reduce.
 Live plant-base production, short work period, less workers and convenient arrangement  Creation standardize and high quality
Live construction assemble, not wet corporation and little effect on weather, etc all of this made it install faster, work efficiency is high, littler employees and fast speed manufacture.
The manufacture way of factorial made the system more accuracy and stable, assuring the product’s quality.
 Vivid and convenient machine electricity and equipments pipeline  Vivid arrangement and save space
Need not beat the bore, drill a hole or incise, the pipeline arrangement can follow one’s inclinations and the structure system will not be break at all.
Arrange space freely, its used area improved from 8% to 13% than the traditional block buildings
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