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Kinflare Prefab Housing
Kinflare Prefab Housing

AS approved product of the company, kinflare prefab housing is a light steel frame enclosure to sandwich panel as maintenance material, basing on space combination by standard serial module. Structural member used to connect components. The concept of a new type of economic building, kinflare prefab housing can be easily assembled and dismantle, inventory and recycled, etc. It completely realized that specialization, standardization and factory of steel construction buildings, which make the dream of pursuit green assemble housing come true.


● Reliable structure: light and flexibility steel structural system, safety and reliability, can meet designation requirement of building structural code.

● Easily assemble and dismantle: the housing can be easily assemble and dismantle with simple tools. Especially the process of installation only needs a few workers and short constructional time.

● Attractive appearance and decoration: the figure of housing has attractive appearance with better effective of decoration.

● Flexible allocation: window and door can be installed in any position, and the stair should be assembled outside of the room.

● Fire resistant performance: various wall and roof materials, kinflare prefab housing specially used high effective material, which has good fire resistant performance.

● Environmental and saving: low pollution rate, not producing construction waste. The average cost of per year usage is much lower than the same buildings with other materials.

● Long using life: the steel member of the housing has been painted for corrosion protection. Its service life can reach to above 10 years.

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