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We manufacture FRP hand lay-up fitting that are made in various dimensions and shapes, fulfilling the need of various industries and purposes. The fitting manufactured can bear heat and high temperature and has the resistant power against chemical reactions like acid, alkali or salt. We manufacture and supply the FRP hand lay-up fitting whose friction correlation is low and its surface is not only smooth but it is clean and clear. The best part of these fittings is that they are inert to various acids and chemicals and it can last for long time.

• Accessories for pipelines
• It is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, adopting hand lay-up manufacturing craft
Can be made according to clients' drawings or we can design for you
• Non-corrosive and immune to galvanic or electrolyte erosion.
• UV resistant.
• Chemically inert to almost all kinds of chemicals within specific temperature.
• Used for transporting CLO2 Brine solution, H2SO4, NO2,Phosphoric acid, etc.
• Cost effective with assured quality.
• Excellent flow properties.
• Smooth inner surface.
• Nonflammable
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